One Example Why Shadow of Mordor is Pure Next Gen Fun

Shadow of Mordor is awesome. Rabidgames would love to talk about it in detail, but he loves actually playing Shadow of Mordor even more. Sorry folks.

However, if you’re in doubt how good Shadow of Mordor is, if the Nemesis system works or if you should even buy it, here’s one short story. It is the story of a rather ugly uruk captain called Kakhorn the Rhymer, who happens to actually … rhyme whenever he introduces himself to Talion. Of course, the only sensible thing was to brand his followers, make them fight him and then brand the captain himself. Of course, sine he is Talion’s now, “Kakhorn the Rhymer” now has a shining future as a Warchief ahead of him!

That is the beauty of Shadow of Mordor: You write your own stories (and let’s face it, those are better than the main story) about power and betrayal, a hunt gone terribly wrong or maybe the rise of a rhyming weakling.

Rabidgames plots: Let’s see which Uruk is likeable or just looks cool … and let’s see who must die by the hand of a trusted bodyguard. There are many options in a world where the only certainty is you will die by the blade! Mordor is our oyster, just waiting to be dominated!


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