Shadow of Mordor – The True Start of the Next Generation?

We’ve had Watch_Dogs, we’ve had Destiny. Both were heralded as the true and proper beginning of the next generation of console gaming. And yet, both failed to that. They are enjoyable games, fair enough, but nothing really new or innovative. Not in terms of graphics, not in terms of gameplay, not in terms of A.I.

But Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor might change just that! Sure, at first glance it is nothing more than an Assassin’s Creed parcours with Arkham fighting set in Tolkien’s universe (time-wise, it takes part between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, you know, that time when Sauron returns to Mordor). But at a second look, thanks to the ingenious Nemesis system, Shadow of Mordor really shows some innovation in two key departments: A.I. and gameplay!

What’s that, the Nemesis system, you ask? Well, it is more than Diablo 3‘s fun yet hardly innovative Nemesis system. Way more.  In brief, it is the complex eco system of Orc society, constantly played in the background of Shadow of Mordor; like a game of chess, orcs always go up the ranks and kill each other to get there, and we can take part in it – either by killing (or maiming or burning) them ourselves, or by giving one orc we like some prestige after allowing him to kill us. Hell, we can develop a feud with one special frenemy orc throughout the entire game! Or we can dominate orcs and make them do our bidding. Or we just sit back and watch how the power struggles turn out – Shadow of Mordor allows all that. You want toi know mor? Here’s a looooong video with many details of the cool Nemesis system:

Or, if you want more info in a shorter time, there’s this trailer explaining lots of things about Shadow of Mordor within only 10 minutes:

Rabidgames can’t wait: Due to the early lifting of the embargo, most reviews are also praising Shadow of Mordor – and while we might not trust every review (Rabidgames surely doesn’t), it doesn’t seem the game has any major flaws. Which only means one thing: Day one it is!

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