Is P.T. the First Real Next Gen Title?

We’ve heard lots of talk about the next generation of gaming, didn’t we? Sadly, it’s mostly about graphics or some multiplayer mumbo jumbo … Yes, Rabidgames is talking to you, Watch_Dogs and Destiny! But at their core, those games are still the same.

But then, something happened during Gamescom: P.T. happened. A mysterious “game” (okay, with amazing graphics) that turned out to be a playable teaser for the hopefully equally frightening Silent Hills … Watch the video and its spoilers at your own risk!

So, you might ask, what is next gen about P.T.? Isn’t it just a demo? Well, first of all, it certainly is next gen advertising! You give the world, pardon the PS4 world a mysterious thing to download and to experience. At the end of the nightmare, we know what it is, but now everyone wants to have a look at it. Mission accomplished.

Second, P.T. does something other horror games failed in: It scares the shit out of people. You, Rabidgames, mostly everybody. It is not about jump scare tactics, that only happens two or three times. It is about building tension, about reliving a nightmare, about the sounds both in our speakers and in our hands. It might be old-fashioned, but it might be the combination of amazing, almost life-like graphics and classic horror feeling that stirs some primal fear in our heads.

Third, that last “level” … To this day, there is no foolproof way to beat P.T. Standing still, speaking the name “Lisa” in the microphone, pausing the game, always waiting for that ominous baby laugh – even some of the puzzles involve out of the box thinking. It might be bold to call integrating all kind of things you can do with a game and a controller next gen – but hell, what else SHOULD we call next gen?

Rabidgames keeps the light on: Arguably, P.T. is more a next gen idea than a next gen game. But most definitely, it brings real horror onto the PS4, it scares the shit out of gamers and it makes us hungry for Silent Hills. Mr. Kojima, Mr. del Toro, congratulations! Seldom were we happier when scared!

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