Sacred 3 or Nothing Is Sacred

Remember good old Sacred 2? The fun we had in a massive open world, tons of quests, lots of ways to level up your character, and all the loot in the world? The 7 different classes who played differently? Choosing between light and darkness? The quirky humour that (mostly) worked? And that Blind Guardian gig?

Say good riddance to all of the above if you want to have fun in Sacred 3. To be blunt, Sacred 3 doesn’t deserve to be called Sacred – hell, it’s even close to deception to call this game Sacred, let alone a numbered game! To elaborate a bit, let’s start with the biggest crime … there is no loot. At all. Yep, you heard right, THERE IS NO FUCKING LOOT – AT ALL! Furthermore, the inventory is a joke – every character (classes and customisation are gone as well, we are now playing as characters) has 3 light and 3 heavy combat arts – that’s it. Oh, you have one piece of armour and 3 weapons, that’s it.

Oh-oh, and the levels in Sacred 3, they are corridors. Linear as linear can get. There’s main levels where you fight hordes of evil peasant, one sub boss and, at the end, one big boss, the lord of the level. Big bosses sometimes need a bit of strategy, true. Diversion here comes from destroying stuff, saving stuff, charging stuff or stuff being thrown at you. Those levels take maybe 20 minutes – at most. Then, there are two kinds of minor levels – either you survive 5 levels of enemy hordes or you slaughter enemies without a level display … those take 2 or 3 minutes and they are goddamn repetitive.

In total, you can beat Sacred 3 within 8 hours, maybe 12 if you delve into everything, and some extra hours for the special difficulty (doing the same stuff again). Of course, you could switch characters … but apart from the archer, they all play the same: melee and a pinch of magic. 10 hours might be fine for a shooter, but for a RPG, it’s bad.

Sacred 3 is also a DLC offender – there’s a couple of levels locked if you buy the game used. Day 1 DLC is a pest, simple as that. What’ infinitely worse, there’s also a fucking character locked behind DLC bars … a character that is displayed on the damn box! A character who had been advertised for months! Seriously, that’s a new level of ripping out meat just to take the piss on it and then throw it back at us, making us believe it’s filet and we need to have it … although it should have been there altogether anyway!

In a nutshell, Sacred 3 is the worst kind of RPG – it isn’t a RPG at all. No open world and no loot have pretty much annihilated the good name Sacred used to have amongst its fans, and no customisation and only a handful of combat arts don’t help either. The series is ruined, for now at least. This begs the question – what on earth did the developers think? Would you want to play Grand Theft Auto – Corridor Wars? No. But call it Max Payne 3 and people would haver never thought we are talking about GTA

However, if you can look beyond all this, there is still a decent arcade action game to be found in Sacred 3 – if you are into this kind of stuff that is. It is arcady “press the same button for 90 % of the game” action, but hey, sometimes, that’s all you need. Especially in multiplayer, the entire screen is full of action, and it can actually be addictive to devastate enemy hordes with four overpowering machines of death.

Additionally, let’s not forget Sacred 2 was plagued by horrible bugs and glitches – even in singleplayer mode! Sacred 3, on the other hand, runs way smoother, even in multi player (although there can be horrible lags in multi player, but hey, it still works). So yes, Sacred 3 has its merits. But can these outweigh the flaws?

The plain answer is a simple no. You see, Sacred 3 is a horrible RPG, but it would have been a decent arcade game admittedly. But only for an arcade price! 15, maybe 20 pounds would have been an alright offering if you enjoy some easy-going hacking and slaying, but 40 quid is simply too much. Also, there’s that name! Had the game been called Sacred – Gauntlet or Sacred: Boom – Directed by Michael Bay, there would have been no shitstorm at all. We would have known what to expect. But making this game a direct sequel to the open world loot’n’slay action RPG Sacred 2 was a cardinal sin of mislabelling, and you can bet the reception this game will receive from its disappointed target audience, who were hoping to get an open world sequel with tons of loot and classes to choose from: They, hell we wanted a real Sacred 3, but we only got Sacred Citadel.1 … and judging from the amazon reviews, the fans are not happy at all …

Rabidgames disapproves: Again, this game should have never been named Sacred 3. Keeping a name, a vague sense of the world, the Seraphim and the quirky humour is nowhere near enough to salvage it. The RPG Sacred is dead. This impostor is an arcade style action game which can be fun for a while if you like the genre, yes … but with Sacred desecrated, the future looks bleak for a yet another fallen RPG series.

One Response to “Sacred 3 or Nothing Is Sacred”

  1. The Otaku Judge Says:

    I thought it was alright, although I can see why the dumbing down of gameplay has upset fans of the older titles. I agree the game is overpriced for what it is.

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