Rabidgames’ Best of PS3 Impressions

Alright, so if you buy a PS3, there are some must-have titles, right? And some you want to play, and some you get to play thanks to PSN+. Well, since it’s many games at once, here are just some short impressions after roughly one hour (sometimes more) of each title:

Yep, strange as hell. Is this still a game? You do nothing but swim around and consume cells, growing in the process. It is pretty much interesting, however the game has a giant flaw: You can only play it waving around with a Sixaxis controller. And that’s a shame because motion control sucks! Nice idea, just the execution doesn’t really flOw … By the way, Flower is similar. Again, the mandatory use of the Sixaxis sucks. And again, shame for an otherwise brilliant idea.

Hotline Miami
Well, let’s put it like this: Rabidgames gets the appeal. But Hotline Miami is too hectic. So, after a couple of levels, the appeal is gone – if you’re not into this type of game. However, it’s not a bad game at all, it’s just isn’t Rabidgames’ game.

There’s a lack of polish, and it starts pretty generic. Imagine Prototype without the gore but with some of Assassin’s Creed climbing instead. Oh, and a bit of Palpatinesque lightning from your hands … But somehow, shooting lightning from your fists turns out to be fun. It’s fun when you play the good guy, and naturally, even more fun when you use your powers to kill everyone and devastate everything!

Infamous 2
This game is basically the first one, just with more polish and a fresher setting. Oh, and being the bad guy is way more satisfying than being nice! Explosions!!! Mwahahaha!!!

The third and best part of the bundle with flOw and Flower. This game is indeed a journey away from gaming conventions. No dialogue, no mission structure, just discovering your way through a desert. We’ll see what the ending has in store …

Little Big Planet Karting
This game is basically a convoluted Mario Kart clone with shitloads of customisation. However, if you don’t like arcady racing games, steer away from it.

Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns of the Patriots
Hands down, MGS4 is the best game on the PS3. Simple as that.

Ni Nu Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
Finally, a good JRPG! And a good, old-fashioned one. The pace is refreshingly slow, the characters are interesting, the world is quite big and the idea of switching between alternating worlds to fix stuff has been implemented well. The only gripe is the battle system which consists of too much “hack away X until the enemy is down” but maybe that’ll get better later on. But for now, it is faith in JRPGs restored!

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
It hurts to hurt PES, but this game is nothing but a demo. The menus are a nightmare to navigate, downloading patches takes forever (a P2P system on consoles? Seriously?), and even on the pitch, many lags in offline mode and a second between pressing the button and things happening is too much. At the core, PES2014 is still a good and sometimes enjoyable football game. Compared to FIFA, it lacks layers of polish, but it conveys the feeling of proper football better. Still, not good enough.

Sly Cooper: Thief in Time
A stealth brawler platformer involving time travel. Sounds crazy, plays pretty much conventional though.

The Godfather: The Don’s Edition
Ok, Rabidgames finished The Godfather twice on the PS2 and twice on the 360 … and now he bought it for the PS3, again! Why? More content. Plus, the game still perfectly portrays the feeling of the first Godfather movie. Playing it again and again is an offer Rabidgames can’t refuse.

The Last Of Us
Darker and more mysterious than Uncharted, Naughty Dogs proves it can hit serious notes as well. Plus, giving us a little girl we actually care about is something not everyone accomplishes (who cares if Clementine lives?). However, The Last of Us is not exactly shining in the realm of innovative gameplay – we’ve seen this kind of stealth before. And how on earth can an ordinary man spot enemies through walls? But maybe that’ll get better …

Tokyo Jungle
You are an animal. You eat and fuck. What’s not to like about Tokyo Jungle? What’s that? Yes, dinosaurs are in! And nothing beats the fun of a deer kicking a dog away … Simply put, this is one of the most precious gems of this generation.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception
Well, it’s Uncharted: Popcorn action adventure QTE jumping shooting on rails. The presentation and the atmosphere are amazing, true, but the characters are bland stereotypes and the gameplay is more of the same old. Way too linear, way too scripted.

Yakuza 3
Well, it’s Yakuza – You get what you expect: a dense story (the plethora of characters makes it seem like the Songs of Ice and Fire of video games), bits of Japan to explore and to have fun in, and the cool fighting system, of course.


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