Rabidgames is Weak … and bought South Park: The Stick of Truth

Shame on Rabidgames!

Previously, Rabidgames complained about Ubisoft’s a******ing “marketing” decision to censor South Park: The Stick of Truth … we know there are two god**** possible reasons (the Germans can be left out since they have their own scandal revolving around the game): Either it’s ******* laziness (instead of giving the Australians an extra version, we all get f***ing censored), or it’s a marketing stunt to p*** off the American market, especially the Christian mother******* at Fox when they realise they have abortion mini-games in the U.S. – we’ll see …

Oh, if you want to know what exactly is censored in the d***ed down PAL versions of South Park: The Stick of Truth, look here:

So, why did Rabidgames cave in and bought  The Stick of Truth? Well, we can talk about conflicting principles: NOT SUPPORTING voluntary censorship (to save some money probably) or SUPPORTING a crude, violent and hilariously st**** game full of swear words and political correctness shoved up the a** of every moralist c***! Plus, whenever you watch or hear about a scene from the game, it makes every South Park fan want to insta-buy it. Let’s see … fighting as dwarves between a copulating couple. Or you just fart (right analog stick up) at every person you see and listen to the hilarious comments. Hint: Try farting in front of Cartman’s mum! ’nuff said, right?

You see, Rabidgames simply could not resist that sweet temptation anymore … and so far, it has been worth it for sure!

On a side note: South Park: The Stick of Truth is the first full-priced game Rabidgames bought from on demand … because it simply is 40 quid – same price as shop.to, and cheaper than f***ing GAME. Now we’re talking, folks.

Rabidgames cannot stop laughing his a** off: Yes, there’s the censorship issue. But then again, there’s jokes, insiders and nods to games and culture literally everywhere in the game, and it’s a game which is simply fun – well, if you happen to like South Park’s humour at least.

Disclaimer: Due to marketing reasons, this post was f***ing censored.

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