The New Dungeon Keeper or EA’s Real Ugly Face

Remember Dungeon Keeper? No? Then you’re probably too young to remember what games used to be like, too.

You know, back in the day, you bought a game, you got a game. By which Rabidgames means a COMPLETE game. Today, you get a core game, which sometimes is merely a skeleton for chunks of meat sold for an extra, aka DL fucking C. And that’s traditional games you pay 40 quid for! Lets’ call it a Category A game.

Then again, there are cheap brwoser games which are called F2P games these days. Or freemium, or Play to Win, or most accurately a big fucking rip-off piece of stinking rancid shit that reeks of corporate piss. We’ll conveniently call them Category Bullshit.

And then, there’s EA. They manage to mix up a Category A game with Bullshit! They dragged poor Dungeon Keeper out of retirement, took of its clothes and brain, violated it, raped it, beat it up and then left it to die on your smartphones. You might think “is it really that bad”? Rest assured, it’s worse!

EA raised a paywall higher than the highest mountains – wanna to do build? PAY! (Or wait forever.) Wanna expand? PAY! (Or wait forever.) Wanna do anything? PAY! (Or wait forever.) But hey, staring at the screen is still free in the new yet debased Dungeon Keeper.

Rabidgames pukes: First, EA are cunts. We knew that, but they always find a way to prove there’s always a new low. Second, everyone who pays one fucking pence or cent or whatever is an even bigger, ignorant and stupid cunt. Third, desecrating a game like Dungeon Keeper for quick bucks is by far the worst kind of abomination the world of gaming has spawned.

One Response to “The New Dungeon Keeper or EA’s Real Ugly Face”

  1. Amen! A part of my soul died a little when my wife came home and was playing it on her phone, that is when I learned what they had done to that poor poor game. And people wonder why I keep old games and every console I have ever had. It is to preserve what true games were, before the soul sucking money hungry dick bag game developers decided DLC is mandatory.

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