Leave Us Alone, Microsoft!

For the second time this year, Rabidgames has been pestered by Microsoft with this fucking annoying “YOUR ACCOUNT NEEDS TO BE MORE SECURE” bullshit after just turning on the Xbox 360 to play some Fallout New Vegas


Why do you make this fucking shit mandatory? Oh, and it is fucking pointless, too!

If, let’s say, Jeff from next door (name changed, of course) hacks Rabidgames’ account, he is asked to give another email address – any will do – or any phone number to call or text. Again, any number will do. It is fucking pointless! Dear Microsoft, how does this make any account more secure? How?

In order to be sure, here are two simple rules: 1. Never put your debit/credit card information on XBox LIVE or PSN. 2. Never have more than, let’s say 1.000 points or 10 quid on your account. Even if someone, let’s say, John from the NSA (again, name changed) hacks it, he’ll be disappointed …

Rabidgames is pissed off: It seems this is just a professional and legal scam to get your emails and numbers. Well played, Microsoft. You know, sending an email to the address linked to a gamertag would have sufficed …

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