Proof Saints Row IV IS The Better!

You know, there were people a bit disappointed with Saints Row The Third. You know, the sandbox felt empty, characters were rather dull and one-dimensional, customisation was two steps back … and there was not much to explore in Steelport. And you know, people were worried about Saints Row IV

But calm down, this video proves Saints Row is back – and it packs a punch! On release day (well, at least in NA), gamers have already found an easter egg – a rather tiny one, but hey, does size really matter:

Only time will tell what awaits us in virtual Steelport …

Rabidgames rejoices: It’s stuff like this why we used to love the Saints Row franchise. And even if it has become more outlandish and beyond-the-top, we can hope the fourth game goes back to the roots – at least some steps … But even if it all looks amazing and good, the shadow of GTA V is already looming … will Saints Row IV have the chance to withstand this giant?

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