How Could Ride To Hell Escape Development Hell?

There are good games and there are bad games. And tons inbetween.

Once or twice in the lifecycle of a generation, there are also abysmal games. And we’re not talking about the likes of Duke Nukem Forever or Damnation, we are talking about pure crap.

Ride To Hell: Retribution is such a game. Without further ado, just look at this gameplay video which highlights all “highlights” of the literal Ride To Hell playing this game must really be (and beware, there are more videos):

Where to start? Cutscenes that don’t make any sense? Bikes that bounce back from whatever they hit? Awful shooting with delusional hitboxes, generic fighting full of mindless button mashing and QTEs? Or maybe the incredibly lame brawling on the bikes? Name it, choose, or keep looking for countless other flaws. And then, bin it.

Clearly, Ride To Hell: Retribution is one living example of a game that should have been aborted before birth. It won’t even be recognised as proper game by its fellows, that’s for sure. For a moment, let’s forget it was originally supposed to be a sandbox game about bikers, let’s just assume linear racing levels and repetitive gameplay are perfectly fine … there is still no excuse for shitty graphics full of issues, not nailing any gameplay section in any way and showing the signs of lazy and cheap “development” all over the place.

Furthermore, we now know why there was no sign of previews or gameplay trailers for Ride To Hell: Retribution. Hell, if we believe this review, Deep Silver didn’t even send out review copies! The question is: Who should be more ashamed? Eutechnyx for developing this unfinished, unpolished and un-everything piece of shit, or Deep Silver for actually publishing such a travesty? It doesn’t matter! Both are to blame, and while we don’t need to wish them any luck on their Ride To Hell (which was certainly not paved with any good intentions), our Retribution can only be boycotting this shovelware crap.

A simple advice: DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! Unless you want to get mugged willingly.

Rabidgames is speechless: Yes, speechless.


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