What The Hell Is Going On With Ride To Hell?

Sometimes, you’re surprised how soon a game is released. It feels like yesterday when we heard about Ride to Hell: Retribution, the tale of  bikers, violence and probably more violence. In a couple of days, the game will be released!

And yet, we know nothing about Ride to Hell! True, we know bits about the protagonist and the story, and it seems to involve brawls and bike rides. But that’s it. Is it still open world? A sandbox? What features are there? What can you do besides missions?

Plus, there is no gameplay material. Nowhere. A couple of days before release!

Whatever is going on with the PR for Ride to Hell: Retribution – and it’s strange sister game, the Arcade and PSN biker strategy game Ride to Hell: Route 666, it is as abysmal as Microsoft’s PR in the last couple of weeks. To be fair, they did a better job than MS: When you know nothing about something, you cannot attack it at least. And yet, this radio silence is nothing you might expect from a good game …

Rabidgames wonders: We’ll soon see what the game is – but with no previews and no gameplay material, it is possible this Ride to gamers’ Hell was not even paved with good intentions …


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