A New Dragon’s Dogma … Kind Of …

Ye Arisen, rejoice, for there will be new adventures soon!

Capcom announced Dragon’s Dogma Quest, a sequel(?) to 2012’s finest game Dragon’s Dogma.

Eurogamer summed it up quite neat:

The spin-off is described as “fast-paced” – that is, it’s designed to be played on the go. The focus is on strategy rather than action, and you decide your strategy based on the enemy’s appearance, apparently.

There are dungeons, towns, villages and sub-quests. With online multiplayer, your four pawns can team up with a friend’s four pawns, making for party maximum of eight.

Unfortunately, there is more than just one catch. Where to start?

1. Dragon’s Dogma Quest will be a PS Vita only title   Seriously, Capcom? Why not bring it to the big siblings of that handheld which is not doing that great? Are you giving up on tons of money on purpose? Do you think this game will make us buy the Vita in drones? Hint: It won’t.

2. It will be a 2-D game   Let’s be honest for a minute: We don’t love Dragon’s Dogma for its story or its characters. We love it for the insane gameplay and the big world. But Dragon’s Dogma Quest is set to be a 2-D game with completely different gameplay … That’s a big gamble for sure.

3. It will be a Free-To-Play game   No, thanks. F2P might have its right to exist, but please, for the love of the Dragon, don’t drag proper games and franchises into this vortex!

Rabidgames is distraught: Oh Capcom, what are you doing! For the Vita … okay. A 2-D game … not sure. F2P … get lost! There is naught to see here.


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