Dead Island Riptide or Same Old Fun?

Apparently, there has been some confusion about Dead Island Riptide; it is not Dead Island 2, and yet, it is a full priced game, not an add-on. Well, that sucks. Look at Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen and you see how it’s done properly. Then again, we should put it into perspective: Why treat Riptide differently from FIFA 201x, the boring Assassin’s Creed Revelations or, let’s say, the annual same WWE games? Exactly, we shouldn’t.

That out of the way, here’s another thing: don’t listen to most of the reviews out there. It’s the second Dead Island game, and still people (even professionals) are comparing it to Left 4 Dead or that other zombie game (pick your favourite) … And for the last fucking time, Dead Island is a motherfucking Action RPG!!! Compare Riptide with Diablo 2 or Borderlands, that’s perfectly fine, but not with Resident Rising 4 Dead, for fuck’s sake! Or would you compare GTA to Call of Duty because both have guns?

Alright, enough with the rants. Except, let’s rant about the weakness of Dead Island Riptide: the technical aspects. It’s horrible. Whatever bug or glitch comes to mind, you’ll find it. Mission markers disappearing, food having no effect on your character, zombies appearing out of nowhere 5 meters before or behind you – it’s all in there. It’s a shame Techland did not learn anything from the sometimes pretty much broken first Dead Island. Yes, Riptide is a bit smoother, but it’s still technically shabby. Here’s a taste of it:

The worst thing though: Even after an obligatory Day 1 patch, there are no awesome legendary weapons in Riptide. Rabidgames has played the game for 40 hours, and there have been only a couple of generic orange/gold/yellow weapons – not a single legendary one. Let’s hope it’ll be patched … but chances are it’ll be a costly DLC pack called “Legendary weapons – only 400 MS points!” …

Alright, rant time is over. Actually, Riptide is a rollercoaster of fun! If you loved Dead Island, you’ll love Riptide. If you didn’t, well, don’t even look at the game then. Fair enough. It’s more or less a direct sequel – gameplaywise and storywise. It’s still solid B movie level, it’s still gory as we like it (red and rare), and it’s still the same zombie dismembering fun. If you play alone, you still have to be careful, you’re quickly overwhelmed even by 4 Walkers, and carefully navigating dark cellars might reward you with a Zombie sucking your brains out out of the dark.

Okay, there is some new stuff: Base defence is the best novelty; you can level up your base staff’s weapons or shops, and occasionally, you have to coordinate the defence against zombie hordes. And believe Rabidgames, hordes is the correct word here! Those missions are the most fun to be had in Riptide.

There are also new zombie types to be found in the new Dead Island: Grenadiers who throw guts at you (easy-peasy), Wrestlers who pound you into the ground (avoid close contact, mines take care of them easily), and those fucking Screamers killing you (erm, just hack away at them if you can, otherwise, run!). There are also some new weapons (mines, more grenades, sniper rifles and even a freaking missile launcher) to make life easier in the new 2.5 maps. And you can use boats! Hooray – except they’re horrible to steer! The missions are a bit more varied although most of them are still of the “go there, kill X and pick up Z while I wonder Y” category.

Long story short, Dead Island Riptide is meaty yet expensive fast food for the fans of the genre (mind you, the Action RPG genre). One more thing though: The game begs to be played in analogue mode. The control to slash heads whenever you want is definitely worth the initial weirdness of the analogue controls.

Rabidgames feasts: If it wasn’t for the questionable pricing and the ridiculous amount of technical issues, Dead Island Riptide could have well been a serious blockbuster. The way things are, however, it is a nice light snack for connoisseurs of the hacking and slashing arts; there’s great fun to be had for a while, but the flavour needs to be improved if it is there to stay.


2 Responses to “Dead Island Riptide or Same Old Fun?”

  1. I’m half way through Dead Island 1 and I really like the game. It is very similar in type of game to Borderlands really, which isn’t a bad thing. I wasn’t aware of the Riptide technical issues or it being full priced. I’ll eventually finish DI 1 and get to Rip Tide. Run, Hack, slash, hack, slash, run.

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