Another Saints Row IV Trailer, Another Worry Raised

Well, to make it short, there’s a video from PAX which highlights some of the new stuff in Saints Row IV:

Yes, monster trucks are back in Saints Row IV, and the guitaRPG looks awesome. But unfortunately, that’s about it.

Seriously, it’s too much of everything. That mess is not Saints Row anymore. Superpowers and that focus on melee stuff just looks like the bastard child of Prototype and Crackdown with a postnatal Matrix injection. And worst of all, it all seems terribly random. And really … a dubstep gun? It’s not funny anymore, and it’s not 2012 anymore.

It really seems we’ll get the Saints Row The Third expansion Enter the Dominatrix as full priced game. Great.

Rabidgames is disillusioned: Well, that doesn’t look like the Saints Row we used to love. It looks like a silly montage of reanimated slapstick humour, repeated over and over again. Saints Row IV might willingly pave the way for GTA V to reclaim the sandbox throne – without even putting up much of a fight.


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