New Saints Row IV Trailer Shows Some Crazy Presidential Shit

Well, we knew Saints Row IV would be crazy as chickenshit on crack. But the latest trailer shows it goes beyond insanity and back. Watch for yourself:

Well, it might still be Saints Row, although with a healthy does of Crackdown and Prototype infused, but that just seems too much.

We’ll be playing the president of the USf’nA and we’ll have super powers to kick some alien ass. Saints Row The Third made the mistake of putting crazy fucking insane shit before stuff like … gameplay, narrative or good characters.

Even the lifeblood of the Saints Row Series, freedom, took a hit; customisation was worse (less clothes, no fighting styles, the same cribs all over the place), gangs could not be tackled in whatever order we wanted to, hell, they didn’t even fight amongst each other anymore, and exploring Steelport was dull – no hidden caves, weird graveyards or pink sea bunnies anymore.

Rabidgames is sceptical: Of course, Saints Row IV will probably still be tons of fun, but the question is – what about depth? Saints Row 2 felt like Tarantino, The Third felt more like a Bay movie … if done wrong, Saints Row IV could end up like an Uwe Boll movie – rather embarassing to watch and play …

One Response to “New Saints Row IV Trailer Shows Some Crazy Presidential Shit”

  1. I watched this and I thought it might be a joke, this looks nothing like the Saints Row games I played, that’s when it hit me. I haven’t played the third one because I heard some disturbing things about it. I hope this is a joke made by some genius game designer but I fear it is not, and this makes me sad.

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