Tons Of GTA V Info To Boost Your Hype Level

You can take a look at tons of new infos about GTA V on neogaf. If it is credible … fuck knows. Copy & paste would do the trick, but let’s calm down and take a look at some of Rabidgames’ key pieces:

“Missions can be played stealth or action.” “You choose a crew from more than just the 3 characters like hackers, lock pickers, etc. Their skills get boosted if they live onto the next mission.”

9 unique attributes per character:

  • Special
  • Stamina
  • Shooting
  • Strength
  • Stealth
  • Flying
  • Driving
  • Mechanic Ability
  • Lung capacity

Finally, the awesome RPG elements from San Andreas are back. Plus, you can level up more than your three core characters, maybe even in a Godfather 2’s way? And the first sentence – choosing between stealth and action? SOLD!

Remember the modest car customization found in San Andreas? Well, apparently that feature is coming back with a vengeance in GTAV. Rockstar promises that Pay-n-Spray shops will not simply be used for a quick change of paint in order to evade the cops. Of course, you can still do that if you want–and even swap out license plates if you’re so inclined. But these shops will also be used for customizing your car to high heaven, including performance upgrades as well as cosmetic options such as new spoilers, grilles, and window tints that will let you live out your inner Vin Diesel (or Paul Walker, if you’re the boring type).

More Customization
Players will be able to add tattoos and change the hairstyles of their characters. Weapons can be customized with different attachments. Vehicles can be improved for better handling and overall performance.

More customization! Hell yeah. Let’s see if it’s en par with Saints Row – but even if not, it’s still good to see Rockstar listens to the fans and has learned from the disappointing stuff available to poor Mr. Bellic.

Other Activities
In addition to yoga, sky diving and scuba diving, players will also be able participate in the following activities, according to reps: golf, tennis triathlons, bike races, picking up hitchhikers, base jumping and ATM robberies.

Each of the three characters even has his own bank account, allowing you to manage each one’s purchases differently. These guys can buy property. The example I was given was a taxi company. It will generate regular income. They can buy houses, too.

The Rockstar guys also told me how huge the game is and all that’s in it. Well, some of what’s in it: military bases, beaches, mountains, rivers, meth dealers, biker gangs…. the whole map is open from the start. Biggest weapons list ever. Biggest vehicle list, many of them customizable for looks and performance. Cars. Trucks. Motorcycles. Bicycles. Jet fighters. I saw a jumbo jet in the sky. Can we fly that? Not sure, probably not. These games have limits.

Now that sounds all too amazing to be true, doesn’t it? Huge map, tons of things to do, including buying businesses and property. That’s just the biggest drawback from GTA IV thrown out of the window of a skyscraper! Finally, Fun is spelt with a capital F again. One sentence sums it up perfectly:

Where 4 opted for realism, 5 seems more focused on just having a good time.

There’s more good news to be found in there, from better and more refined combat, switching characters and planning heists to diving for treasure in shark-infested waters and probably the return of Red Dead Redemption’s finest, the lethal cougar. GTA V now sounds like the best game ever made – again, if it is true.

Rabidgames is delighted: Yesterday, GTA V sounded like a solid Rockstar game. If all of the above turns out to be true, the hype level has reached critical mass. This game could be designed not to go to Los Santos for holiday, but to live there!

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