The One Important Thing In GTA V Still Unheard Of!

Rockstar has been showing us a lot about the three different characters we’ll be playing in GTA V by now, including the latest trailer. If you missed it for whatever strange reason, you can watch it here:

Speculation about details in the videos aside, there’s one thing, one potential gamebreaker, we know nothing about yet: The sandbox affinity of Grand Theft Auto V. Mind you, GTA IV wasn’t exactly a bad game, but compared to San Andreas (and its only true successor, the Saints Row series), the lack of freedom to do what you want wherever you want, the lack of possibilities to collect useful stuff (no, shooting fucking pigeons as an activity that does nothing but give you an achievement stating you really have no life at all still qualifies as absolutely useless), the lack of proper exploration (the heart of the statue aside, what do you remember), the lack of insane vehicles, the appalling lack of customisation (the biggest issue) … let’s face it, GTA IV simply was a terrible sandbox game.

In GTA V, it should be rewarding to explore the city and the countryside (Bigfoot included this time, please), to have use for your money, especially tons of customisation options, we need more diversity in missions – and please, no badly scripted ones anymore, and of course, Rabidgames wants to go on a killing spree in a tank again! In a nutshell: GTA V needs fun things to do.

Now is not the time to be worried about the emphasis on story related trailers (especially since Rockstar can pull of great stories), and let’s be honest, everyone will pick up GTA V anyway. It’s just, a subtle unease nagging at times that GTA V might be able to disappoint.

Rabidgames has hope: Yes, as soon as the hype died down, GTA IV ended up as a disappointment. Apart from the story and the hilarious in-game internet, there was nothing to do. But let’s not forget Rockstar was able to prove their sandbox mastery in Red Dead Redemption. So there is hope for those who prefer exploration and mayhem in the streets of Los Santos to going to virtual dates with your cousin …


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