When Will We Ride To Hell?

More than a couple of years back, we heard from an upcoming open world biker themed game: Ride to Hell. Then, years of radio silence. But now, the game seems alive and kicking ass – under the name Ride to Hell: Retribution. There’s even a new trailer showing what being part of a biker gang is about – sex, drugs, rock’n’roll and a buckload of violence:

Now, what happened? Where has it been all those years on the road? Why is Ride to Hell back? Maybe it has to do with Sons of Anarchy – releasing a game about a biker gang when there’s a successful series about a biker gang is not too dumb an idea.

Well, what do we know about Ride to Hell: Retribution? Not much. It’s about bikers, the disillusion in the US after the Vietnam war, it’s supposedly set in 1969, and there’ll be plenty of sex, drugs, violence and rock’n’roll. Unfortunately, we know absolutely nothing about gameplay or the gaming world.

And then, there’s also Route to Hell: Route 666. According to the official page, it’s will contain “action packed tactical combat for XBLA and PSN”. Whatever that means …

Rabidgames is wary: 5 years of development limbo, no details known, and yet, an open world game about bikers sounds more interesting than dodgy. Let’s hope the Ride to Hell will be paved with more than just good intentions …


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