Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall or A DLC Promise?

After finishing Dishonored, we were left hoping for more, weren’t we? More equals story missions, not some score hunt the first DLC Dunwall City Trials. After announcing to shed some light on the story of the mysterious badass and assassin leader Daud, Bethesda gave us this video which shows not only The Knife of Dunwall and his perspective of the murder of the queen, but also introduces some new gameplay elements:

Traps to electrocute enemies, a hidden bow (similar to hidden blades of assassins in another universe), some new moves, and hell,  it even seems we can command assassins in Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall! Bethesda, take Rabidgames’ money already! And there’s more story DLC planned: The Brigmore Witches is set to “conclude Daud’s story”, whatever that means … bear in mind there is a certain decision in Dishonored which has the potential to kind of conclude Daud’s story in a rather final way …

Rabidgames wants: Dishonored was an amazing game, and some story DLC to tell us more about its world is always a welcome addition – especially if we get to see Dunwall with the eyes of Corvo’s most formidable enemy!


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