The Endings Your Mass Effect Team Would Choose

Thanks to this discussion on gamefaqs (which is now closed unfortunately), Rabidgames has started wondering about the Mass Effect 3 ending out trusted squad mates would have chosen. Please bear in mind we take the consequences of each ending at face value. No indoctrination theory in play. Without further ado, let’s roll:

Destroy. She’s a soldier through and through. Plus, she doesn’t trust aliens.

Synthesis. Seriously, EDI is the embodiment of synthesis in Mass Effect 3. Sure, she speaks about the importance of the individual and might be concerned about rewriting everything, but as said above, let’s take the endings at face value; in Synthesis, she still seems to be an individual.

Control. Depending on him being Paragon or Renegade, his guardian actions might differ though. Remember, he has a rather vigilante way of seeking justice …

Refuse. He wouldn’t even listen to Starbrat for one split second, he would just try to headbutt the VI into oblivion and beyond.

This nice lady would either try to tear Starbrat apart – Refuse – or she would Destroy the Reapers. 50/50 there. Don’t expect any form of compromise from Jack.

Destroy. He is just like Ashley, only even more stubborn.

Destroy. This soldier without a real personality beside generic soldier issues in the past doesn’t know anything but pulling triggers.

Destroy over and over again. We now know the Protheans don’t give a fuck about preservation of other species or anything like this. Plus, he’ll avenge his people.

Well, what would the Geth choose? Certainly not Destroy. In order to evolve, Synthesis would be the best option. After all, the Geth long to know more about the concept of “life” … and the best way to achieve this would be to become more alive.

Hmm. This guy’s an odd fellow. It’s possible he might choose Synthesis, him being one of the first humans “enhanced” with biotic synthetic upgrades. Otherwise, Control?

Would she choose Control to rule the galaxy? Or Destroy so she has not to sacrifice herself? Good question.

If she wasn’t the shadow broker, but the innocent student from the first Mass Effect, we might have a discussion on our hands. But she likes to channel and control information (and the fate of governments etc.), so Control is the rather obvious choice.

Probably Control. But maybe Destroy, too. It’s hard to guess what’s going on inside her head.

Mordin’s a tough one. Refuse is not an option. Someone who sacrifices himself to stop the genophage would not commit another genocide, so Destroy is no option as well (at least if the Geth survive, otherwise it might be different). Also, Mordin is not cut out for Control – can he trust himself to rule the galaxy? Possibly not. He might end up choosing Synthesis – a galaxy full of prosperity and peace, and of course, science.

Assuming she is able to choose, better be prepared for a miserable existence under the eternal yoke of this cruel empress. Obviously, Control. And control of the most evil kind!

Her Justicar code in mind, Destroy is her only option. She might not even like it intellectually, but she’s bound to follow her code anyway.

This one depends on her actions from Mass Effect 2. If she’s been exiled, probably Destroy. Bitterness, revenge and stuff. However, if she has become an admiral, and if there is peace between Geth and Quarians, she might lean to Synthesis since she wants peace for her people.

Well, Rabidgames is at a loss here. Thane followed a very complicated codex which is not easy to decipher. Refuse is no option, but he might choose either Control (although he seems to humble to do so), Destroy (although he would prefer not to commit genocide) or Synthesis (although he seems to grasp the concept of free will). He would surprise us … well, first by rising from the dead, of course.

The first instinct would be Refuse. But Wrex has matured. He now has the whole Krogan race in mind. He would choose Control in order to look after them and to prevent a second genophage.

He seems like  a tired old man who doesn’t care about the big issues anymore. Destroy and some quiet sunset years for our old mercenary friend.

Rabidgames warns: We should always keep in mind the most logical option for everyone would be Refuse. Why? Well, why would anyone blieve a deus ex machina VI out of nowhere? The one that built the Reapers! It just doesn’t add up (it didn’t before Leviathan, and even after the first piece of DLC, it’s still ). But hey, let’s use our human form of space magic, our imagination: Let’s summon suspension of disbelief and let’s take the decisions and the endings at face value when we talk about them. For now.


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