Gameplay Material for Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

We’ll have to wait until 26 April (when Dead Island Riptide will be released, too) until we’ll be able to lay hands on the hopefully proper expansion to Rabidgames’ GOTY 2012, Dragon’s Dogma. In the stand-alone add-on Dark Arisen, we’ll be able to explore the new region of Bitterblack Isle, which somehow looks like The Everfall. For some reason only known to Capcom, the full original game is also part of Dark Arisen. So we’ll end up buying Dragon’s Dogma again … now that’s quite a good idea to push your sales!

Oh, you’re here for the Dark Arisen gameplay video. Watch and rejoice:

Looks good so far. Of course, it’ll be mostly more of the same, but if the length is alright, Dark Arisen should clearly be worth it (considering Rabidgames has pent 250 hours on Dragon’s Dogma, it should be fine).

Rabidgames sharpens the blade: It’s time soon, and it’s about time to delve back into Gransys again. The question is: A fresh character or the tried and tested Arisen of Dragon’s Dogma? We’ll see, we’ll see …


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