Saints Row IV and the Announcement Trailer

We’ll be able to delve deep into a world of insane action and over-the-top borderline infantile jokes with Saints Row IV on 23 August! Hooray. All hail the purple dildo!

But … wait a minute. After THQ’s demise, the Saints Row franchise got hawked to Deep Silver. Now, you might have wondered “will Volition be allowed to go ass crazy again” or will Saints Row IV be a tame, politically correct open world adventure where getting the high score means guiding old ladies across busy streets? The answer is – well, check for yourselves:

Phew. It’s still fucking crazy. Sex, drugs, violence, violence and some more violence. The good old Saints Row formula.

But … remember Saints Row The Third. Yes, it was fun. Yes, the gameplay improved vastly. But in terms of story and characters, it was incredibly shallow. Customization was ten steps back from the glorious Saints Row 2. And Steelport felt lifeless and generic. Above all, the thought of the fucking “40 weeks of DLC” still makes Rabidgames mad. Let’s hope Volition adds some depth to the Saints formula. But then again, a good portion of Saints Row IV will probably consist of the canned add-on Enter the Dominatrix, clearly designed for Saints Row The Third. Only time will tell if the same engine and the same base principles allow for a decent experience beyond mere over-the-top action and dick jokes – although there’s nothing wrong with that per se.

One more thought: Is it coincidence Saints Row IV is to be released one month shy of GTA V? Clearly, closer to GTA V would have been a bad idea, and later in the year, with the pending release of the next generation of consoles, worse idea. So maybe summer is the perfect time for Saints Row IV to be released. Let’s just hope the game is finished by then – and please Deep Silver, complete! No more 40 weeks of DLC aka thinly veiled micro-transactions which would have been unlockable rewards in Saints Row 2!

Rabidgames analyses: Saints Row The Third was fun. But it also was a victory of style over substance. Let’s hope Saints Row IV can not only win our hearts and risible muscles, but also our brains.


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