Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Could Be a True Pirate’s Treasure

Well, well, well, it seems Rabidgames’ concerns (and lame jokes) about Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag were misplaced. Just take a look at the following claims Ubisoft will pour into the game:

  • a huge open world with 50 locations (towns, villages, plantations, islands, caves, forts)
  • three big hubs: Havana (with an European feel), Kingston (like Boston) and Nassau (a pirate town)
  • seamless change between land and sea
  • no loading times!!!
  • different ‘currencies’ (gold, rum, maybe some more)
  • huge, upgradeable ship Jackdaw (from 6 to more than 50 cannons)
  • a crew can be recruited (and they might die)
  •  we’ll be Edward Kenway, Conor’s grandpa, buccaneer and Assassin
  • diving for sunken treasures
  • a spyglass to look for side missions and random events
  • a reputation system
  • hunting whales ( a cheap PR stunt to piss off PETA?)
  • the Ubisoft formula: stabbing sharks in the face!
  • hunting game in the jungles
  • assassinations will be less linear
  • released for the current and the next generation

If just half of the above about Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is true, we might be up for an adventure which will make Jack Sparrow look like a mere deckhand. The only thing quite unknown is the amount of time spent in the present … apart from Eurogamer mentioning we might relive Eddie’s memories as an Abstergo employee, neither Ubisoft says nor people know much about it. We’ll see …

Rabidgames surrenders: There is no need to fight. Just capture Rabidgames’ money already.


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