THQ or An Obituary

It’s official now. THQ as we know will die. Soon.

And it’s a shame. Yes, THQ was never known for releasing polished games, and yes, the DLC disease was rampant lately, but still, there are not many publishers left who dare to stray from the beaten path these days (Bethesda and 2K come to mind) … and THQ were good at that.

Be it the only series which succeeded in capturing the spirit of the old wacky GTA, Saints Row, the amazing and unique Summoner games, the destructible environments of the Red Faction games, killing things as riders of the apocalypse in Darksiders, blowing up the earth in Destroy all Humans or the claustrophobic feeling in Metro, it remains to be seen if other studios dare to allow unique concepts.

Ironically, part of the reason of THQ’s demise is the fact the publisher turned mainstream, away from experiments: Mind you, Rabidgames is not even talking about the main reason, the udraw disaster. No, Rabidgames is talking about a game such as Homefront, where even millions of units sold (for a mediocre Call of Duty clone) are not enough. Rabidgames is talking about Red Faction: Armageddon – come on guys, it’s not a surprise a game fails utterly if you take away everything people loved in Guerilla, is it? And then there are the little things THQ did to alienate their fan base: 40 weeks of DLC in Saints Row The Third or fixing the online servers for the WWE games years late. But yeah, the biggie still is the udraw crap which killed off THQ.

The fans are responsible, too. We are always talking about how sick we are of Call of Duty and the ever same stuff. But what do we do? We don’t buy Darksiders 2, no, we end up buying the same old shit once more. In fact, THQ announced not to do any more Darksiders games since part 2 sold terribly. If we complain about THQ’s demise, we have to take a look into the mirror as well and ask ourselves “what do we want?” before starting to cry.

What will happen next? THQ will be sold – and worse, some franchises will be sold individually. If rumours are to be believed, Saints Row, the WWE games, Metro, Company of Heroes and Dawn of War will be auctioned separately. If the vile rumours are true, EA is up for the grabs.

Rabidgames mourns: It’s sad. But there is hope – if neither Activision nor EA feast on the corpse of THQ, we might still get awesome Saints Row, WWE, Metro or even new Summoner games under new leadership.


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