FEZ or The Thinking Man’s Platformer

Rabidgames confesses: He likes FEZ. Yes, he actually likes a platformer, a jump ‘n’ run game! That’s surely the end of the world as we know it!

No, it isn’t. Calm down. FEZ is not an ordinary platformer, it’s far from it.

Imagine a 2D world where the myth of 3D becomes reality, and you are free to turn the world to your liking. That’s FEZ. It blasts dimensions, and occasionally minds. Plus, you actually have to think while playing it, and by thinking Rabidgames means more than just timing your plumber’s jumps. FEZ is rather a clever puzzle game, albeit a weird one; not only is it about finding cubes to prevent the end of the world (did the Mayans know about this one?), it also feels like a UFO abduction experiment with plenty of LSD.

Rabidgames has played FEZ for only a couple of hours, but its intriguing gameplay and puzzles will chain him to the 360 for quite a while, that’s for sure. If you’re still not interested, check out the first minutes of FEZ here:

Rabidgames puzzles: Such a small game, such outmoded graphics and sounds, and yet, FEZ pisses on many AAA titles and fucks with your mind. Guess the moral of the story is … sometimes, a game’s size doesn’t matter.


3 Responses to “FEZ or The Thinking Man’s Platformer”

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