Zero Punctuation’s Top 5 and Crap 5

As usual, Yahtzee spews tons of venom, mixed with some light praises, at the games of the year. Have a look at his list here.

While most choices don’t come as a surprise (Resident Evil 6 and the NRA propaganda tool Warfighter in the shit list, while Far Cry 3, Dishonored and XCOM can be found in Yathzee’s top 5), the no 1 positions are pretty much ironic: An indie game is the worst, while a military shooter is considered the best – yes, we’re still talking about Zero Punctuation! Ok, if you know the indie game is Amy, a bug party where most of the budget probably was spent in search of the perfect female name for the  game, it makes sense. And the mention of Spec Ops: The Line makes even more sense: Yes, it is a military shooter, but instead of being a patriotic one dimensional wank fest, it reveals the dark and ugly realities of war.

Rabidgames scrapes some money together: Alright, some games such as Amy, Warfighter or Resident Evil 6 won’t be played by yours truly, but two games will be bought by Rabidgames in 2013 (if the price is right); the first one is Spec Ops: The Line. The gameplay is stale and nothing special, but if the story is really that good, it’s worth a try. The second game to be played is NeverDead; yes, it seems to be a bad game, but jumping around as a dismembered head MUST be fun – at least if you’re alive. For a tenner.


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