Dark Souls 2 Announced … Yawn

At the oh so all-important Video Game Awards, Dark Souls 2 has been announced, including this shiny trailer:

Rabidgames’ first reaction was “interesting”, but then quickly followed by “well, let’s hope it’s better than Dark Souls“.

Now don’t get Rabidgames wrong, dear Dark Souls fanboys out there. Dark Souls has its moments. The fighting system is the most elaborate and rewarding as well as the most punishing one of this generation, the experience of being thrown into a completely unknown world, the interesting leveling and experience system … it all was intriguing – at first.

Then, boredom set in. You keep on fighting the same tedious basic skeleton forever and 42 days, bosses are nothing but trial & error exercises (err, and you plough your way through hundreds of unchallenging skeletons once more on your 10 minute way to said boss), and worst of all, there was no story. In the first 10 hours, there was no fucking story at all! None, nada, nichts, ничто, nothing. It is a shame for all the good elements of Dark Souls, but yes, Rabidgames states it, Dark Souls is a borefest.

And then, those annoying fanboys. Worst of all, gaming sites like Eurogamer who promote each and every bit of useless information of the game. You hear nothing but “the game we all love” and “finally, a feast for us hardcore gamers”, even if it is about some other game which happens to be a RPG, too. And yes, Dark Souls had technical weaknesses as well – what about the framerate implosion in Blighttown?
What about the clunky controls? You don’t believe Rabidgames? Do the test. Play some Red Dead Redemption or Dragon’s Dogma or whatever game you like, then play Dark Souls again. Conclusion: The controls are clunky and imprecise. Sure, you get used to it but they’re simply not that good.

Alright, back to the point:, there is another gaming commandment: “Thou shalt not criticise Dark Souls“. And if you dare to molest the Holy Grail of gaming, you get told “you don’t get it, go back to your Call of Duty” or “dude, there is a story, it’s just not spoon-fed to you” or simply “die” … damn, those fanboys are annoying. In their elitist ivory tower, they’re even worse than that obnoxious 13-year old Black Ops fanboy screaming in your ears when his kill ratio gets even …

So yeah, back to the sequel … let’s hope Dark Souls 2 does the following things right:

  1. Keep most of your stuff. Most of it is perfectly fine and works.
  2. Story. Rabidgames needs an engaging story, not just a gnawed hint or a word thrown here and there.
  3. Implement proper controls. That ons shouldn’t be too hard.
  4. What about a safe haven immediately before a boss? No more boring strolls through peasant hordes, please.

Rabidgames might buy Dark Souls 2: If From Software listens. If not, well, leave Dark Souls 2 for those who enjoy it. Rabidgames out.

One Response to “Dark Souls 2 Announced … Yawn”

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