Give Rabidgames Far Cry 3 already!

So, the first reviews are out, and as it seems, Far Cry 3 is getting universal praise. Here’s the thing though – why are the reviews a whole week ahead of release (mind you, NA launch will be later than EU and AU launch this time)?

It seems cruel, especially given the fact Far Cry 3 looks amazing, has a beautiful open world full of fun things to do (from starting fires to fighting sharks, from Assassin’s Creed-like stealth to over-the-top firefights and explosions, from finding collectibles to drugged hallucinations), a story filled with sex, drugs and violence, an awesome antagonist, some RPG elements … damn, why do we have to wait one more week?

Yes, Rabidgames might not be impartial after having played and enjoyed Far Cry 3 at the Eurogamer Expo a couple of times … but this game could be each sandbox games lover’s dream come true … and we have to wait one more damn week (we as in we Europeans, sorry, our North American pals, you’re late this time)!

If you’re not sure what Rabidgames is rambling on about, just check out this awesome trailer:

Rabidgames sharpens the blade: Far Cry 3 could well become the surprise of 2012. The reviews are positive, the game looks good, the gameplay is fine – looks like we found our Skyrim with guns! If – and that’s a weighty if – if Ubisoft does not pull another Assassin’s Creed 3 bugs galore again! Remember, no fucking review mentioned how bug-ridden Ubisoft’s big one would end up … but hey, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s rather look forward to punching sharks in the face underwater … next week!

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