Metro 2033 on sale!

If you are like Rabidgames, you might have passed by the dystopian shooter/hybrid/RPG Metro 2033 a couple of times, thinking “hm, looks interesting, should I buy it?” But until now, you haven’t.

Here’s some good news though. From 16 October until 22 October, you can buy Metro 2033 for £5.50 (it seems this offer only counts for the Xbox 360 version though). Sounds like a good deal to check out the game, isn’t it? Of course, there’s a hidden agenda: THQ wants us to acquire a taste for the upcoming Metro: Last Light … but that’s fair enough, isn’t it?

Rabidgames goes to Russia: Deals like this make the pondering over if to buy a game easier. The only question remaining now is “when to play this game when queue of games waiting to be played is getting ever longer?”


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