The Eurogamer Expo 2012

Yes, Rabidgames was there once more. And yes, the hall was more crowded, the queues were ever longer, but hey, the games were still interesting. Oh, and some proper organisation would be good. How is it possible that a press pass is sufficient to avoid the queue on Saturday, yet on Sunday, it ain’t, so Rabidgames had to join the plebs to queue for entry? Come on!

Unfortunately, Rabidgames didn’t make it to any Developer Sessions in 2012. Queuing one hour to get in seems a bit excessive (last year, 20 minutes was alright). Also, Rabidgames gave a flying fuck about all multiplayer demos, or over-hyped popcorn titles likes Black Ops 2, Halo 4, Resident Evil 6, or basically all beat ’em ups … because they’re not Mortal Kombat.
Whatever, here are Rabidgames’ highlights – and some downlights – of the Eurogamer Expo 2012:

Assassin’s Creed III
Thankfully, it was a proper singleplayer demo this year. Or rather, two different demos. The first one was your usual Assassin’s Creed stuff – infiltrate a structure, sneak around, fight a bit, escape. It’s more of the same, nothing special, yet definitely refined. However, the second demo featured the naval warfare which will make a debut in Assassin’s Creed 3. And boy, is it fun! Steering a ship through the waves, navigating into the correct position to sink ships … hell yeah!

Borderlands 2
Actually, Rabidgames didn’t play it at the Eurogamer Expo. It’s just the game is simply amazing which can’t be stressed out often enough. Buy it, play it,

Devil May Cry aka DmC (for whatever hip reason)
Well, to tell the plain truth, the gameplay is boring as shit. It’s your ordinary h’n’s stuff as you’ve seen it bazillions of times. However, the concept of the hostile city (or whatever it is) which tries to kill you, and the many fighting options at your disposal are interesting. But then again, who wants to play as a Twilight rip-off emo?

This game looks amazing. Tons of possibilities, from sneaking to sending swarms of rats to possessing enemies to the good old-fashioned shoot-out. Yet somehow, Dishonored feels like a Victorian Hitman game. Is that bad? Not necessarily.

Doom 3
You could test the remake in 3D. It’s interesting. The 3D. Doom 3 was, and still is a bland shooter. If you like it, fine. Rabidgames doesn’t.

Fable: The Journey
Who wants to be the controller? Not only does it look retarded when you do stuff in public, try something like mimicking to cast spells for more than 2 minutes, and guaranteed, you’d be exhausted after one hour of doing the same movements again and again and again and over and over again. Meh.

Far Cry 3
Technically, it’s a sandbox survival shooter. And most definitely, it’s a strong GOTY contender. Think of Just Cause’s tropical setting (although a tad smaller) and the survival mechanisms of Red Dead Redemption. Breed them. Far Cry 3 would be the smart yet extremely violent kid. The demo highlighted the many tools, vehicles and possibilities the game will offer. Hunting deer with a crossbow (you can even attach a grenade to the arrow), skinning animals, flying around in a glider, liberating outposts, crafting a shitload of stuff … or just good old plain yet pleasantly crisp shooting – comes the end of November, Far Cry 3 will offer all of the above – and more. For hours.

Hell Yeah!
An undead rabbit who happens to be a prince of hell, insane killing moves and tons of fun. What’s not to like?

Hitman Absolution
It’s tough. As expected. And folks, Hitman never was – and probably never will be – a shooter. Don’t even try to play it like that. Then again, it’s fun to watch you die. Please continue.

Metal Gear Revengeance
Yikes. This abomination looks like an ugly bastard breed between Final Fantasy XIII’s fighting system and some slightly more testosterone Bayonetta on crack. It defiles the legend, the iconic name Metal Gear. In terms of hack’n’slay, Devil May Cry is way better. Yikes.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013
It almost feels like the glorious Pro Evolution Soccer 6. Almost. The new defense system (copied from FIFA) is not really Rabidgames’ cup of tea, but what can you do. oh, and please Konami, goalkeepers. You must know about it. FIX THEM!!!

Tokyo Jungle
This insane rollercoaster ride of awesomeness alone is a reason to buy a PS3! Seriously! If you’re not convinced, check out this animalistic trailer:

Young Lara is the protagonist of a survival adventure now. Thank fuck! Gone are the days of the boring old Tomb Raider system (copied to death by Uncharted & Co.). Will it be enough? We’ll see. It’s a good fresh reboot at least.

XCom: Enemy Unknown
Fuck yeah, X-Com is back. Plus, this game is the living proof turn-based strategy games are alive – and they can work on consoles!

All of a sudden, Nintendo welcomes adults. Ha! This game  peaked Rabidgames’ interest. Although playing it was testing Rabidgames’ patience. Queing for 20 minutes to join another queue for an hour to queue for another 15 minutes … Nintendo, you’re awful. How comes there were only 5 consoles with ZombiU? Oh yeah, the game itself. Actually, it’s rather underwhelming. If you’re proud of your motion control, how comes you can hack at zombies one way only (up down, up down etc.)? Have you ever played Dead Island? And that bulky (though light) tablet controller hybrid thing? Give Rabidgames a break! You use the touchscreen for sorting inventory (which can be done faster by using a standard controller). You can also use it to look around – but, why pressing L1 to move the tablet controller around “realistically” when moving the right analogue stick would do the same trick? Good question. Does anyone know the answer? And then, why do we have to use the touchscreen to fire a sniper rifle? Why using a fucking sniper rifle on a small screen when you have a fucking huge one as well? Fuck knows. While the London after a zombie apocalypse setting of ZombiU might sound interesting (although it’s hardly original), the gameplay is rather stale, and the tablet iseems to bei nothing more but an expensive gimmick indeed. Shame!

Rabidgames deems: Apart from the obvious GOTY contenders, you know, the likes of Assassin’s Creed 3, Borderlands 2 Dishonored, two surprises stand out: XCom is amazing (and craps into Syndicate’s face when it comes to the revival of a beloved series from the past). And Far Cry 3 is incredible. Also, the next couple of months will be expensive. There are too many games, not enough money, and worst – how are we supposed to have time to play all the great coming games? Till next time, Eurogamer Expo!


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