Sleeping Dogs = Day 1 Purchase

To be honest, Rabidgames has had no doubt about it. After all, Sleeping Dogs combines a big open world with the best of Hong Kong cinema’s action. But if you watch hits video, it gets even better:

Actually, you don’t need to watch the whole two hours. Rabidgames chose not to watch it all since it would have spoiled too much of Sleeping Dogs’ story. But there are some amazing things in there:

  • The situational finishing moves are partly brutal, partly funny (you can put enemies in trunks of parking cars).
  • Customisation plays a huge part.
  • Varied missions (demolishing cars, setting up CCTV, creatively crippling opponents, chases).
  • Tons of side missions and mini games.
  • And so on.

In brief, Sleeping Dogs will hopefully be a mix of GTA’s dark and mature story telling, Saints Row 2’s wackiness and over-the-top violence and Batman: Arkham City’s fighting system. Sounds bone crunching good.

Rabidgames wants: Yes, Sleeping Dogs is a must-have Day 1 title. Sadly, it’s one more week (and a bit probably) to wait. What about watching Infernal Affairs or some Jackie Chan flicks to pass the time?


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