Assassin’s Creed 3 is now Part of the Bullshit Game

Remember Rabidgames’ Dishonored rant?Well, Ubisoft decided to top that one with some Assassin’s Creed 3 bullshit of the highest order.

What did they do?
Apparently, PS3 players get one extra mission with one hour extra playtime.

Where is the problem?
Apparently, Xbox 360 players have to pay the same price, but they get less content.

Let’s not forget Sony is well-known for this exclusive fuckfest moves, while Microsoft have turned out to be just small cunts by buying time-exclusive DLC packs – which is bad. However, shutting out other platforms from fucking content forever is worse (just look at Red Dead Redemption, that one hideout is still exclusive for PS3 players).

Worse than the pre-order DLC galore.
Worse than the Day 1 DLC rip-offs (yes, Rabidgames looks at you, Mass Effect 3).
Worse than changing the definition from DownLoadable Content to Disc-Locked Content.
And certainly worse than time-exclusive DLC.

But all this shit combined brings up one question: Why on earth are publishers hellbent on scaring away their customers? Why don’t they follow the shining example of The Witcher 2, where we Xbox 360 gamers got bonus stuff for free – and the PC veterans as well? Have publishers really become cheap whores who’d do anything for a bit of money?

Rabidgames wants to puke: Certainly, while gaming has gone to financial highs, it’s at its low for us gamers; Recycled games all over, the relentless DLC machine polluting the world, and we end up paying more for less. And the worst thing of all: We are too dumb to realise it.

But what to do? What about waiting for GOTY editions? Yes, it’s a long wait, but if we’re start being smart we might be able to change the downfall of a dream: Buying a game means purchasing a whole experience.

2 Responses to “Assassin’s Creed 3 is now Part of the Bullshit Game”

  1. Could not agree more with you. When DLC first arrived in the gaming world I thought it was a good thing, breathing new life into otherwise forgotten games but the developers have long since perverted the DLC to suit their money loving needs.

  2. The problem is, the ingustry has nearly forgotten what good DLC means: Giving the game a couple of hours of new and interesting content.
    Bad DLC, however, is either adding useless junk stuff or, worse, taking stuff out of the game and making us pay extra. 99% of all DLC is bad.

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