A “New” PS2 – And Some Games …

Alright, Rabidgames caved in and bought a used PS2 (the brick one) at CEX for 32 pounds … seems to be the cheapest price these days. At least it comes with a one-year warranty …
Of course, Rabidgames also bought some rather cheap games:

Max Payne (1 pound): After the disappointing Max Payne 3, exploring the roots again should be fun.

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (1 pound): Rabidgames can’t really remember the Splinter Cell games

Yakuza (4 pounds): Finally, the world of Yakuza will be explored by Rabidgames. Hooray!

Oh, and Mercenaries 2 (2 pounds) for the PS2 … well, let’s be honest here, it’s awful. The controls are bad, and the game is worse than its next-gen brothers in basically all regards. At least, the missions are different (and sometimes fun), and you can even store vehicles at your base – a feature that should have been in the next-gen Mercenaries 2 instalments as well …

Rabidgames smiles: Ah, owning a PS2 once more feels good. Looking back at the many PlayStation 2 classics, it makes you wonder if the replay value and the huge back catalogue are indeed better and bigger than those of the current generation, too …

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