Extended Cut to explain the abysmal ending of Mass Effect 3 very soon

Finally, Bioware will release the Extended Cut to get rid of Mass Effect 3‘s absurd and pointless ending … hopefully.
We will be able to download the DLC on 26 June – for free (for some strange reason, European PS3 users will get it as late as 4 July however).

Unfortunately, we will have to replay the last chapters of Mass Effect 3, starting from attacking the Cerberus base. Bioware has also published a FAQ page to explain the Extended Cut DLC.

Furthermore, if your galactic readiness has gone to 50%, good luck raising it to 100% once again. This will mean spending a couple of hours in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer – at least, you have to do it if you want to see the best ending. Good luck there.

Rabidgames wonders: There is no real joy here. Instead of looking forward to see how the Extended Cut works out, Rabidgames rather does not want to replay the last 2 hours because, let’s be honest here, the London level was fucking lame. Plus, the deus ex machina, our dear friend Starchild, will still be there to ruin the ending. But hey, it’s free so we shouldn’t feel entitled, right?

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