Mike Tyson in WWE ’13

Mike Tyson will return to the ring … but to the wrestling rings of WWE ’13.

Mike Tyson certainly played his part in the turbulent and successful Attitude era by being the Degeneration X’s special enforcer in the main event of WrestleMaina XIV. In WWE ’13, Tyson will wear a DX shirt, of course (we’ll see if he has other attires as well):

Naturally, there’s a catch. If you want to play as Iron Mike Tyson, you have to pre-order WWE ’13.

Rabidgames wonders: So, Mike Tyson in an Attitude game. Makes kinda sense. It will be interesting to see what his finishers will be like: Will he simply knock his opponents out or will he start biting ears? We’ll see.

One Response to “Mike Tyson in WWE ’13”

  1. ugh, I get the appeal I really do but is he really worth a pre-order? A special unlockable char sure but a pre-order only char, I think not.

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