New DLC food for Dragon’s Dogmaniacs

Yes, Rabidgames is weak: He really paid 240 MS points for 8 new (if partially interesting) kill and fetch quests in Dragon’s Dogma – just to get some new gear. Oh yeah, the download was 8.9 MB, so it wasn’t on locked on the disc … probably.

But even worse, Rabidgames has also downloaded the first two packs of the 10-piece A Different Sky DLC – and here’s why:
It has been done in a good way. You have to scout and climb high points in towns or in the middle of the landscape. Although there has been only one quest so far where it took some time to find the proper way to the desired item, it’s a welcome change from all the mindless looting and killing. Also, some of those Different Sky quests lead you to places you haven’t seen yet during your journeys in Dragon’s Dogma – even Rabidgames, who has ventured across the whole map, has found nice little locations that way. And then, there’s the possibility something magically is going to happen after collecting all 100 pieces … maybe we’ll witness a Different Sky?

Rabidgames applauds: Well done, Capcom. Yes, the DLC should still have been unlocked from the beginning, and yes, it is stupid to cave in, but at least it is entirely optional (no Prothean hidden here), and more importantly, sometimes even fun. Plus, it’s also cheap – if you don’t buy blindly! Some stuff is just useless (that strange hair dresser thing for instance). But exploring is always fun.


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