One random day’s events in Dragon’s Dogma

It is true, Dragon’s Dogma is one of those rare games where anything can happen and each player tells a different story.

One fine and sunny day, Rabidgames and his Dragon’s Dogma squad hit the road from Gran Soren westward. Past the Ancient Quarry with its dangerous Ogres, a Pawn mentioned an abbey somewhere in the vicinity.

So the party headed further west, meeting some bandits and invisible and rather strong Sulfur Saurians. Eventually, Rabidgames reached a certain hideout (no spoilers here) and venturing onward into the dark night, the party met fierce resistance from undead, Phantoms, a suddenly appearing Chimera – and eventually a perilous Wight. Those undead sorcerers are a true blight in Dragon’s Dogma, being quite generous with silencing and hurting parties. Suddenly, the whole party was infected with Poison, Silence and Blindless. But it wasn’t the Wight, it was the treacherous waters where this undead bastard led Rabidgames’ party. After spending a desperate minute running around aimlessly, one Pawn mentioned the poisoned waters. Afterwards and back on the safe shores, it was child’s play finishing off the Wight with some holy enchantments when dawn finally broke …

This was an eventful yet rather typical day in Dragon’s Dogma.

Rabidgames is addicted: Damn you Capcom. How dare you of all publishers release such an intriguing game! And even worse, it is impossible not to explore each and every corner of Gransys. There goes the time thought for Mass Effect 3, The Witcher 2 or maybe the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection …


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