The E3 Winner is: Watch Dogs

Sometimes, miracles happen. Between gimmicks and endless sequels, we witnessed the first sign of life from Watch Dogs. And it seems amazing. An open world where you can hack, control and manipulate each and every electronic device? Where you can get information on each civilian you encounter? Please Ubisoft, please take Rabidgames’ money already!

For those of you who don’t know what Watch Dogs is, here’s the E3 trailer:

Sure, Watch Dogs looks like a bastard of GTA, Hitman and Deus Ex, but hey, bastards can be great as well.

The only thing Rabidgames did not really like was the shooting and the car chase near the end.

There should be more subtle options to eliminate a target. Why not tailing him and manipulating traffic lights when a lorry comes along? Or what about sabotaging the engine of the target’s car somehow?

Rabidgames is just nitpicking here: Watch Dogs looks great – and hopefully, it’ll bring some new ideas to the stale world of AAA games. It could be the evolution from sandbox to toolbox. Fingers crossed.

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