Rabidgames’ Rebellion spoils so far

So Mass Effect 3‘s free DLC Rebellion has been out for a couple of days now. Rabidgames has already spent more than one million credits since then … yet the spoils can be described simply: shit out of luck.

So far, Rabidgames got the following stuff since Tuesday:

  • Saber I. Who cares?
  • Carnifex X. Well, it’s alright but nothing special.
  • A second Asari Adept.
  • Two new permanent equipment items: Pistol & biotics and headshot boosters (all level I).
  • The Reegar Carbine Shotgun I. It’s the best short range weapon with insane DPS, yet if enemies are that close on Gold you’ll eventually die.
  • The “sniper rifle” Krysae, of course just level I. It’s a true beast, and overpowered like hell – already.
  • One male Quarian Infiltrator
  • Another male Quarian Infiltrator
  • Jade beaten on Gold once.

That’s it.

Quite a shame; the Vorcha look interesting, the Cerberus guys are worth giving them a try … but all Rabidgames got is the Quarian Engineer. He’s not that bad though: OK, Incinerate is rather useless, but Arc Grenade and Tactical Scan come in quite handily.

Rabidgames quarrels: So much credits wasted, so little useful stuff gained. Rabidgames should probably save up for Rebellion Packs supposed to be offered soon. But that would mean countless hours of G/W/G farming. We’ll see when motivation crumbles …


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