First Impressions: Prototype 2

Rabidgames admits: he was bored to death by the original Prototype. Around half way through, the stealth mechanics are sidelined, and all you do is button-mash and hack’n’slay your way through infinite hordes of infected (of course, you could do the same side missions over and over) … which is a shame since the core gameplay was pretty solid and the story was quite interesting, especially by being fully told through consumed victims you had to hunt down (although it way more the way of telling the story, the story itself is not that great).

So why has Rabidgames started playing Prototype 2? For once, it is thanks to a strange way of customer appreciation at Blockbuster; after Rabidgames had rented Max Payne 3 for 3 more nights, Blockbuster offered another game for 5 pounds (otherwise, Rabidgames would have to pay 3 quid), and since the offered Ghost Recon Duty Clones was not an option, Rabidgames opted for Prototype 2.

In a nutshell, the beginning of Prototype 2 is fun. After half an hour of intro, tutorial and first missions, you can freely roam New York Zero. As in its predecessor, it rather quiet at the beginning; no annoying flying machines which can detect you instantly, no mutants around every corner, no button-mashing for now. You can search for collectibles (blackboxes, scientist teams and lairs) which will grant you bonuses to your stats or might even unlock new options – or you can go on a rampage and kill everything in a gory and violent manner.

The missions are varied at the beginning: It’s all about infiltrating and destroying stuff, mostly human tissue. The story is classic B movie stuff: You want revenge for your dead family, and you get help from a priest-turned-underground who has a hi-tech surveillance operation centre somewhere … don’t make sense of it, it’s Prototype 2 after all.

Rabidgames is wary: A good beginning is one thing but the lessons from the first game have taught what can happen if the devs have run out of ideas. Protoype 2 might be worth a purchase from the bargain bin but full price is way to risky if you hate button-mashing and mindlessly hacking your way thousands of enemies … for now, it has been a decent rental.


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