Rabidgames is a Mass Effect 3 Elitist

Rabidgames admits: He has become a Mass Effect 3 multiplayer elitist.

Operation Shieldwall has revealed that Rabidgames arrogantly hates those motherfucking event gamers who only play Mass Effect 3 multiplayer during weekend challenges to get their reward packs while they contribute virtually nothing. It’s hate with a burning passion.

Let Rabidgames give you some examples what’s going on on Gold in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer during weekends:

  • Level 1 guys trying Gold.
  • A combination of 3 Soldiers and one Human Engineer.
  • Asari Adept with sniper rifle AND shotgun. Seriously, what the fuck?
  • Leechers all over the place.
  • People not reviving anyone.
  • No teamwork at all. Remember the one guy trying to solo 2 Primes, a Banshee and 3 Pyros at the far end of the map?
  • Dear Vanguards, don’t Charge a Banshee. Don’t.
  • Rabidgames seemed to be the only one with missiles in stock. Admittedly, Rabidgames had 44 missiles on Thursday. Sunday, the count went down to 11. What were you guys doing? Saving for christmas?

And the weirdest thing was, the N7 rank didn’t make a difference … rank 30 players were as shit as rank 1000 players. Rabidgames needed to promote his Soldier from level 18 to 20 – usually a simple task of 3 Geth/White/Gold rushes. Not this weekend. It took Rabidgames more than 3 hours to reach level 20 (half of the time spending revive packs after dying trying to foolishly revive team mates who then fail to revive Rabidgames back, even if there is no danger). When Rabidgames tried to look for general Gold games, the lobby would not fill – even after 10 minutes … Lesson learnt: Always have some Mass Effect 3 classes you never use ready for promotion – and so so BEFORE the fucking weekend.

Rabidgames fumes: If it wasn’t for Rebellion coming out on Tuesday, Rabidgames would rest the multiplayer for a week or so. That was simply too much. But at least Rabidgames now knows why multiplayer elitist douches always slack off noobs for being noobs … sometimes, sometimes they have a valid point!


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