Dragon’s Dogma and an Ingenious Pawn System

First off: Sometimes you have to advertise … and today Rabidgames does this: Please rent RabidgamesDragon’s Dogma Pawn.
By the way, gamertag is Rabidgames  and the pawn is a very old and snarky fighter named Cohen (some of you might get the hint) … Thanks.

OK, with that out of our way, the Pawn system definitely is one of the best achievements of Dragon’s Dogma.
Without a doubt, it is a unique way of finding a mix between co-op and NPCs. Not only can you choose your appearance and class, you can also teach your main pawn how to behave in and outside of battle (do it at inns at “knowledge chairs”). Please do it. It’s really useful, especially for mages.

And erm, why are many players keen on showing off really small, child-like looking female pawns with raunchy clothes? What’s going on there, guys?

Rabidgames smiles: Dragon’s Dogma just feeds the adventurer in us gamers. You can do whatever you want, go wherever you want and kill whoever you want – unless it kills you. The challenge is part of the game.


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