THQ now completely lost it with Saints Row The Third …

So, apparently there’s a new DLC pack available for Saints Row The Third players …

This time, you can roam the streets of Stilwater as Penthouse girls Nikki Benz, Justine Joli, Ryan Keely, and Heather Vandeven (apparently those names are supposed to ring a bell) … well, actually, they are just part of your gang.

There’s also a trailer to the Penthouse Pack DLC:

But the best thing is not even the obnoxious line “For the first time in your life, when you call Penthouse Pets, they’ll actually answer” – you actually have to pay 240 MS points for this garbage! Yes, you have to shell out real world money to be able to watch some badly animated Penthouse girl lookalikes running next to you … and they’re not even nude!

Rabidgames deems: Whoever actually pays for this shit should be judged to spend the rest of his life without sex. It is a fucking shame what has happened to Saints Row The Third, to the Saints Row franchise, to Volition and to THQ … what next? A DLC where you have to pay 160 MS points to buy a red or blue dildo for a change? 320 MS points to buy some new, hot purple underwear? Or what about we pay 800 MS points so our female Saint can finally show off some amazing DDD cleavage?


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