Rabidgames’ Guide to Mass Effect 3 classes – Lesson 6: Vanguard

Welcome to the last Mass Effect 3 class to be explained – the feared Vanguard. Feared by enemies … and allies …

Who should play the Vanguard? If you like rushing across the battlefield and slamming into enemies before ramming a shotgun down their throats, Vanguard is your class.

Which powers are useful? Biotic Charge and Nova. Bear in mind that Biotic Charge and Nova work together exceptionally well:  Charge, Nova (thus depleting your barriers), followed by another Biotic Charge to replenish your barrier (if your squad mates cast Reave, Warp or Dark Channel each step along the way, every action will result in biotic explosions). Fitness is extremely important for Vanguards – level it up early. Shockwave and Pull can be neglected. If you solely go for Charge and Nova you don’t need your ammo powers most of the time – however, investing a couple of points won’t hurt.

Who to bring along in the campaign? You are the tank so have another biotics in your team to create those beloved biotic explosions with your Charge (choose Liara for Warp, Kaidan for Reave or Javik for Dark Channel). A tech expert to get rid of shields is another idea, although not necessary.

Bonus ability? Good question. Reave or Dark Channel come to mind to set up biotic explosions yourself. Energy Drain makes you able to deplete shields yourself and to quickly recharge yours. If you want some extra protection go for Defense Matrix.

How to excel in multiplayer? Rabidgames recommends that only hosts play Vanguards; that way, you will have the least possible amount of lag – and lag can easily kill a Vanguard when Charging! Vanguards all play differently, way more than the other classes do: The humans ones don’t need any heavy weapons – they should solely rely on the Charge-Nova-Charge route. However, this works fine on Bronze, but to pull off a manguard on Silver, you need skill and good timing. A human Vanguard on Gold will most likely be a burden to his team (Rabidgames has not seen one pull it off at least).

Drell Vanguard … honestly, Rabidgames has no clue what to do with him. Sure, Cluster Grenades can take out many enemies, and Pull and Biotic Charge work well … but a squishy Vanguard is bad per se. Yes, he’S fast and has decent melee attacks – but he’ll simply die too fast. The Asari Vanguard is a rather unique character: While melee or CQC is not her strength and Lift Grenade might work in connection with Charge, her strength is her Stasis power – cast a Stasis Bubble, followed by Charge to set off a biotic explosion – or alternatively (as recommended by a GameFAQs guide), use her as an effective sniper.

The Krogan Battlemaster is THE tank of Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer – 1000 health and 1000 shields plus his offensive capabilities make him a force to be reckoned with. His play-style is simple: Charge, melee, kill, rinse, repeat. Biotic Charge and Barrier complement his stone skin, while Carnage kills off anything that has survived the first attacks. Give him the Graal Spike Thrower or the Geth Plasma Shotgun and he will reign supreme.

Oh, and one last thing: Don’t Charge Banshees – ever! They will insta-kill you. Phantoms are helpless against Charge though so make the most of it.

Rabidgames’ opinion: Honestly, Vanguard has never appealed to Rabidgames. However, its fun is obvious – point blank kills, enemies flying across the screen etc.


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