Rabidgames’ Guide to Mass Effect 3 classes – Lesson 5: Infiltrator

Yes, it’s time for another lesson about the classes of Mass Effect 3. Today, we see what the Infiltrator is all about..

Who should play the Infiltrator? That’s an easy one: Snipers. If you like headshots all over, the Infiltrator is your class. If you want to sneak around undetected, the Infiltrator is yours, too.

Which powers are useful? Tactical Cloak is the one power you will use all the time, either to cloak and take a deadly shot, or to evade a lethal situation. Incinerate is useful for weakening enemies, Sabotage helps weakening powerful enemies like Atlases, and it even lets you control mechanical enemies such as Geth – and Cerberus Turrets. The ammo powers are alright (depending on the situation) but not that great while Sticky Grenade is completely useless. If you level up Operational Mastery for power duration or for damage is up to you and depends solely on your play-style.

Who to bring along in the campaign? A tank to draw attention from you and your stealthy business would be a good idea. A Tech user to complement your tech powers would be a good help, too.

Bonus ability? Decoy is the first obvious choice if you you want distractions all over the place. Energy Drain or Defense Matrix are also decent alternatives for defensive players. Once more, this decision depends on your play-style. If you choose Stasis, you can spam powers like crazy regardless of cooldown: Tactical Cloak’s lv. 5 Bonus Power and Stasis’ Bonus Power can make you a powerful Stasis casting killing machine.

How to excel in multiplayer? The most important thing: Do the objectives! You can cloak and roam the maps without getting shot at. Please use this to your advantage. Plus, it is your task to revive fallen squad mates, even in the heat of battle – just don’t forget to cloak before doing so. On Gold, Infiltrators are the most important assets.

Unfortunately, most Infiltrators have lousy powers beside the immensely great Tactical Cloak: Humans have the useless Sticky Grenade (ignore it) and the remotely useful Cryo Blast – if you want to slow your targets down a bit before it takes a bullet to the head. The Quarian has that lame Sticky Grenade too, yet she has Sabotage – incredibly useful against Geth, useless against Reapers. The best Infiltrators surely are the Geth and Salarian ones – although they share the lacklustre Proximity Mine (good to stagger or weaken bosses, but easily misses smaller enemies), they excel in combat: The Salarian has Energy Drain, a perfect tool to stun enemies for an impending headshot, and the Geth has his awesome Hunter Mode, enabling him the best battlefield view in combination with Tactical Cloak – plus Hunter Mode has some really nice damage benefits. Just take care and don’t be exposed to enemy fire … you’ll be dead as fast as you can kill …

As for weapons, sniper rifles are the way to go – if you prefer the raw 1 shot stopping power of the Widow, the Javelin or the Mantis or the multiple shots from the Viper is up to you and your aiming. Of course, the best sniper rifle is the Black Widow; it is powerful and allows three shots before reloading. However, the best sniper rifles are extremely heavy. Be prepared for a long cooldown … Rabidgames recommends to use e a submachine gun for close combat where your sniper rifle is useless. Another decent weapon for an Infiltrator, especially for the Geth Hunter in CQC maps, is the Geth Plasma Shotgun – it is extremely powerful and features a homing ability (just remember to charge it before you cloak).

Rabidgames’ opinion: The Infiltrator is not easy to master but once you’ve gotten into this class he’s a pleasure to play! There is nothing better than either snipe the heads off unwitting enemies or to shoot them point blank with a shotgun while cloaked.


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