Rabidgames’ Guide to Mass Effect 3 classes – Lesson 4: Sentinel

Welcome to another lesson about the classes of Mass Effect 3. Today, our subject is the the versatile Sentinel.

Who should play the Sentinel? If you want to be the perfect Jack-of-all-trades, Sentinel is your choice. You can use biotic and tech powers, plus you can be a tank if you want. It means you can get rid of each enemy yourself, but even better, if complemented by the right team, the Sentinel is a superb support character.

Which powers are useful? Do you prefer tech powers or biotic powers? For biotics, Warp and Throw is an awesome combination while Tech users should heavily rely on Overload. Tech Armor … well, it has its uses – especially if you choose to play as a tank – but Rabidgames is not a big fan.

Who to bring along in the campaign? If you want to cover everything, take one tech member and one biotic user. That way, you can handle each and every situation. Tali makes a good companion since the tech bursts from your Overload and her Energy Drain wear everything but armor down pretty fast. Liara is good for Warp/Throw, while Kaidan gives you the stronger Reave/Warp explosions.

Bonus ability? Basically every power you like. Stasis and Decoy are good for crowd control. Defense Matrix makes you an impenetrable machine, Marksman is useful for characters who like to shoot stuff. Energy Drain can also be helpful if you wish to neglect your own Overload and work with Garrus’ Overload early on.

How to excel in multiplayer? All characters play differently. Humans are Warp and Throw spammers (actually, they are better than human Adepts). Turians are experts in bringing down shields (Overload) and armor (Warp). Krogan Sentinels are the best tanks – max their shields and Tech Armor and they can take a lot. The Batarian sounds really good but Submission Net is pretty much useless since enemies dodge it regularly. However, Blade Armor makes him a formidable melee beast.

Rabidgames’ opinion: The Sentinel class has one problem: You can do anything you want yet you’re perfect in none. If you’re not sure which play-style you like, choose him to give it all a try in the campaign. In MP however, the human Sentinels are decent characters for biotic users who haven’t unlocked the Asari Adept yet. But as soon as you have the Asari, you won’t use them humans any more.


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