Rabidgames’ Guide to Mass Effect 3 classes – Lesson 3: Engineer

Rabidgames continues his guide to the Mass Effect 3 classes with one of his favourite ones once more: The Engineer!

Who should play the Engineer? If you want to electrocute, freeze or stun enemies, it’s your class. If you prefer sending drones and turrets instead of doing the dirty work yourself, you have to pick an Engineer.

Which powers are useful? It depends on your play-style. Some Engineers prefer maxing out drones and turrets while they kill off weakened enemies, some prefer to go for maximum destruction and choose Overload, Incinerate and Cryo Blast. Sabotage is also quite useful, since you disable weapons – and a hacked Prime makes a decent temporary friend, doesn’t he?

Who to bring along in the campaign? One tank and another Tech character, or two tech characters if you feel nerdy. The tank eats damage while you and the other Techie spam powers. You should also be aware that certain powers such as Sabotage and Overload provide Tech Bursts – they’re not as powerful as biotic explosions, but they ares still immensely useful for crowd control.

Bonus ability? Again, it depends on your play-style. Usually, Energy Drain or Decoy would be a safe bet, although Defense Matrix can help a fighting character as well. If you’re having trouble with quick enemies, Stasis might be of help.

How to excel in multiplayer? Bear in mind the Engineer is a support class. With the notable exception of the Salarian Engineer, they all work the same: Weaken shields by Overload or Energy Drain (the Quarian Engineer has neither, sadly she doesn’t have Sabotage either), weaken armor by Incinerate or Cryo Blast, and use turrets or drones either defensively or offensively. The humans’ Combat Drone can be quite annoying since it spawns rather randomly unless there are enemies, and it moves wherever it wants to – it’s still useful to alert you though. Quarian and Geth turrets remain stationary which is more useful. Let’s not forget the Salarian Engineer: Decoy is a life saver on Gold: If you put a Decoy at the right place, enemies will go at it – sometimes they will ignore the rest of the party. However, if Decoy fails chances are it all goes down the drain. Be careful.

As with Adepts, don’t equip heavy weapons. A high Power Recharge Speed is important since you are supposed to spam your powers, not waste time shooting.

Rabidgames’ opinion: Engineers are great fun to play with. You can strip away shields and set enemies on fire, or you can play really defensively instead of taking any risks.


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