Rabidgames’ Guide to Mass Effect 3 classes – Lesson 2: Adept

Rabidgames continues the guide to the Mass Effect 3 classes with one of his favourite ones: The Adept!

Who should play the Adept? In a nutshell: People who love to spam magic in classic fantasy RPGs. But Adepts (actually, biotic powers in general) have more to offer – if you combine certain powers you produce powerful biotic explosions. You can do it alone yet biotic explosions work best when there are at least two team members who can cast those powers.

Which powers are useful? Basically, most are – in a certain way. However, Pull and Singularity become pretty much useless later on since they only work on unarmored, basic enemy types. Warp and Throw is the easiest and most effective combination (although Reave is great as well). Adepts have only one weakness: Barriers and shields render many biotic powers useless. You need either Stasis or fast SMGs to wear them down – but fortunately, you can bring them down with biotic explosions, too!

Who to bring along in the campaign? Biotic users. You want to maximise biotic explosions. Rabidgames played the campaign with Liara and Javik – and boy, that went well. You can take out most enemies from afar and ammunition issues are unheard of. The only problem usually is fighting in tight quarters.

Bonus ability? Stasis. Definitely. If you bring along Liara you have to players who can freeze enemies with shields and barriers. Plus, stasis is a life saver when a Geth Hunter appears out of nowhere. If you choose the Stasis Bubble at Stasis rank 6, you can place handy traps. Stasis has a drawback, however: the recharge speed is quite long.

How to excel in multiplayer? Play along other Adepts (or Human Sentinels). Go for biotic explosions. And the most important thing: Wait to unlock the Asari Adept (which can take a while). She’s a beast: Warp & Throw destroy everything, and Stasis freezes Phantoms and Geth Hunters, making them easy targets. The other classes are not as much fun but they are alright: The Asari Justicar has Reave (which is quite useful), Pull (only works on health bar enemies, but good for preparing biotic explosions) and the Biotic Sphere which can either be used defensively as an additional shield or it can be used to trap enemies (level 6 can give you a cool Warp effect). The Drell Adept has Pull, Reave and Cluster grenades – he is lightning fast but dies when a Geth Prime looks at him. Finally, the human Adepts … Singularity is pretty much useless in later waves, Shockwaves requires you to be close to the enemy – which will kill you on Gold quite often; only Warp is useful. Rabidgames recommends: Just play with the Asari Adept, she’s simply the best. If you are happy enough to have unlocked her, of course …

Just be careful – Adepts are weak. They’re frail. Don’t try to outgun enemies. Just don’t. Stay in cover, use your powers – a biotic explosion will always be stronger than 10 gun shots. Therefore, equip only light weapons which still grant you 200% Power Recharge Speed (Avenger X or Carnifex X should be the best unless you prefer SMGs). And last but not least – team play is very important here. If two people cast Warp it works but if two people cast Throw it’s a waste. And please, dear non-Adepts: If you see an enemy in blue in the middle of a crowd, it means Warp – don’t shoot him. Wait for the biotic explosions which will do a ton of damage to the entire enemy group. Thanks.

Rabidgames’ opinion: Adept is one of the fun classes in Mass Effect 3. You can do maximum damage without breaking a sweat, and the sound of a biotic explosion … let’s say Rabidgames loves the smell of biotic explosions in the morning …


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