Diablo 3 … Does anyone care?

Rabidgames admits: He doesn’t give a crap about Diablo 3 – for several reasons:

  1. It is PC only for now. Without a gaming PC, it doesn’t matter anyway.
  2. You have to be online all the time. No thanks. Rabidgames chooses when he wants to be online.
  3. Real-money transactions instead of eBay pawning. Seriously, fuck off you greedy cunts!
  4. Diablo 3 is a pure hack’n’slay now – the RPG parts Diablo 2 featured have been stripped down for some idiotic reasons. Why would anybody choose how to develop his character himself?

As a matter of fact, Rabidgames won’t even buy Diablo 3 if it is release for the 360.
It’s just too much bollocks.

Rabidgames boycotts: This abomination of the Diablo franchise is the perfect example for what is wrong with the gaming industry nowadays: Huge corporations only think about ever-milking their customers, effectively allowing fraud – so the abuse of Chinese children is official now. Well done, Blizzard. Furthermore, what use is leveling up when there is nothing to decide? Good riddance, Diablo.


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