Rabidgames’ Guide to Mass Effect 3 classes – Lesson 1: Soldier

Rabidgames has decided to make a guide on how to play the various classes of Mass Effect 3 for several reasons:

  1. You can play them all the same – but that’s boring. If you play an Adept as a gun-wielding Soldier you’re doing stuff wrong.
  2. In singleplayer as well as in multiplayer, classes working together makes your life easier.
  3. In multiplayer, people seem to have strange ideas sometimes … e.g. an Engineer trying to be Rambo (of course, the result is death). Maybe Rabidgames can help you stop embarrassing yourself (it goes without saying though even Rabidgames makes silly mistakes – running into a room full of Reapers is dumb with any class).

Alright, Rabidgames chooses to start with the most basic class of them all: The Soldier.

Who should play the Soldier? Shooter aficionados. If all you want is shooting and blowing up stuff, the Soldier is your guy. Of course, you’ll miss out on biotic explosions and tech abilities yourself, but hey, it’s your choice. The Soldier is also the only class in Mass Effect 3 who is able to carry more than 2 weapons at the same time. However, chances are you’re using the Assault Rifle most of the time anyway to get your kills.

Which powers are useful? Adrenaline Rush is great for crowd control, Concussive Shot can be useful as well. Choose your ammo in response to enemy type. Oh, and Warp Ammo combined with Concussive Shot Level 6 Amplification actually sets enemies up for biotic detonations (provided there’s a biotic user in your party). Grenades might be useful to bring some fun to a gathering of enemies, but Rabidgames rarely uses them.

Who to bring along in the campaign? Tech guys. You’ll need them to take down shields so you can perforate armors and bodies. If you prefer Garrus, EDI or Tali is your choice.

Bonus ability? Basically, this choice is up to you, too. Of course, combat powers are probably more useful than tech or biotic powers. Marksman allows to kill enemies in sight in an instant due to the incredibly high fire rate, Fortification will make you an even more powerful tank. If you wish to go for depleting shields (plus recovering your own) go for Energy Drain.

How to excel in multiplayer? First obvious rule: Be a tank, shoot stuff like crazy. Adrenaline Rush is less useful (there is no slowdown in MP) so human soldiers should rely on Concussion Shot. Turians should level up Marksman (Rabidgames has yet to find a use for Proximity Mines), while Krogans are the best tanks in the world, plus, Carnage lives up to its name. Batarians are a special class – their Blade Armour makes them melee beasts while the Ballistic Blade deals enormous damage. However, all alien Soldiers are kind of vulnerable since they can’t dodge – have this drawback in mind when you face an Atlas.

Rabidgames’ opinion: Soldier is a rather bland class. You have few powers, so all you do is shoot stuff. In multiplayer, Soldier is rather pointless since you can neither go for tech bursts nor for biotic explosions. Admittedly, being a Krogan death machine is fun from time though …


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